July 6, 2023

Sit, Stay, and Play with Atmosphere!

Pet-Friendly Bar and Restaurant Ideas

Are you a pet-friendly bar or restaurant owner? Do you have guests who bring in their furry friends? If so, Atmosphere is the perfect solution to give your guests and their pets a more enjoyable experience. With marketing tools like AtmosphereAds, and content like Paws TV and Pet Collective, keep your pet-loving customers entertained and coming back.

Pet-Friendly Bar and Restaurant Ideas

As a dog-friendly restaurant or bar, you know that catering to pet owners is a huge consideration. Atmosphere is all about giving a complete experience that caters to you and your guests. With Pet Collective and PAWS TV, your guests will enjoy cute and funny clips of cats, dogs, and other animals that will delight them and create a friendly ambiance that everyone can enjoy. Because who doesn't love funny and cute videos of animals?

The Pet Collective on Atmosphere

Promote Pet-Friendly Events and Specials with AtmosphereAds

AtmosphereAds is an excellent way to provide your guests with information about upcoming events, announcements, or promotions with in-house advertisements right on your TV screens. With AtmosphereAds, you can keep your patrons informed with helpful messages such as Happy Hour specials, weekend brunches, live music acts, or other exciting events that your establishment has to offer. Even promote events that tailor to your pet owners! The options are endless with AtmosphereAds.

Keep Customers With or Without Pets Entertained

With our free monthly streaming service for business, Atmosphere provides short form, audio optional, diverse content that keeps all guests, including the 4-legged ones, entertained. Among our programming, Atmosphere provides Pet Collective and Paws TV that are both specially designed for animal lovers.

Atmosphere is an excellent addition to any dog-friendly restaurant or bar. Provide your guests with an all-around experience that appeals to pet lovers and non-pet lovers. By providing your patrons with high-quality content and an entertaining atmosphere, you are sure to cultivate loyalty, increase engagement, and promote your brand. With the combination of AtmosphereAds, Paws TV, and Pet Collective, you can enjoy the benefits of having a happy dog and an even happier customer base.

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