A group of bar goers watching Chive TV on Atmosphere while watching NFL football.

What is Atmosphere?

Atmosphere is a streaming service for your medical office waiting room TV.

Atmosphere is the world's first and leading streaming TV service for physician and hospital waiting rooms. You get 40+ channels of ambient TV programming that your patients can enjoy while they wait for their appointments. All channels are audio-optional, which means you can run them with the sound on or off – no closed captioning necessary. Atmosphere also lets you insert targeted messages with easy-to-use Atmosphere Ads. It's entertaining – and informative!

Atmosphere is free monthly

Stop paying for cable or satellite programming that doesn't fit your waiting room environment. Atmosphere is a free monthly service for your practice – plus, you get an enterprise-grade streaming device with Atmosphere pre-installed.

Stream directly to all the TVs in your waiting room

Set your patients at ease

Let's face it – unless they're having a baby, no one really wants to be at the hospital or doctor's office. Help your patients relax with uplifting and entertaining video content streamed right to your medical office waiting room tv that will set them at ease and make them laugh! Laughter is the best medicine, and there's plenty of it with Atmosphere.

Better than boring medical content

Many doctor's offices play boring medical content for their waiting patients. It's not what patients want, and it doesn't set a calming mood. Instead, choose one of Atmosphere's 40+ themed channels to create a more calming environment for your patients.

Streaming entertainment – with or without audio

Most patients don't want a TV blaring in the background while they're waiting to be seen. Atmosphere's programming is all audio optional – you can turn up the sound if you want, but you don't need to. Enjoy Atmosphere's engaging video content while you play your own relaxing music in the background.

The Atmosphere TV hub showcasing Chive TV and other various channels.
A medical waiting room with patients watching Atmosphere TV waiting for their appointments.

Let Atmosphere set the mood for your patients

Nobody likes to sit in a silent waiting room. Instead, let Atmosphere help you set the mood for your waiting room.


Atmosphere lets you choose from any of 40+ themed channels. You can keep your customers entertained with America's Home Videos TV, Drone TV, Happy TV, Red Bull TV, Throttle TV, X Games TV, and more.


Perhaps you'd rather engage your patients with informational videos. Choose fromPaws TV (cute and cuddly animals), Digital Trends, Superhuman TV, The Bob Ross Channel, World Poker Tour, and other engaging channels.


Many patients get nervous in the waiting room, so use Atmosphere to help them relax. You can choose from several visually calming channels, including Beach Bum TV, Deep Sky TV, Escape TV, Oddly Satisfying TV, and more.

A medical office promoting flu shots on Atmosphere TVs using Atmosphere's digital signage tool.

Replace commercial breaks with your customized waiting room tv programming

Instead of having your patients sit through commercial breaks, you can customize their viewing experience in various ways:

Atmosphere Ads

Atmosphere is more than just relaxing content. It's also about control over custom messaging in your waiting room. Save money on traditional advertising by promoting to patients in your waiting room with Atmosphere Ads.

Use the breaks between videos to talk about your practice. Promote the services you offer, profile key staff, or display other information of interest to your patients.

Upload or create your own graphics

It's easy to create your own onscreen information. Simply upload your video or image files and schedule when and where you'd like them displayed.