Easy DIY installation that anyone can do

Powered by an Atmosphere device

Access and stream Atmosphere's channels via an enterprise-grade streaming device.

Plug n' Play,
on any TV

Simply plug your Atmosphere device into any TV or matrix system, connect to the internet, and you're off!

Entertain in any setting

Atmosphere's programming doesn't require audio to be enjoyed, so it's perfect for any business type.

The Atmosphere TV hub showcasing Chive TV and other various playlist options.

Stream directly to the TVs in your bar

Turn Your Customers into Regulars with Dedicated TV for Bars

Bars are where adults go to socialize, celebrate, and relax. Your customers come for beverages. They stay when they feel entertained.

Atmosphere can help you keep patrons at the well longer and returning more often – at a fraction of the cost of cable or satellite television.

Atmosphere channels have proven to increase customer dwell time by 16%. Even better – they build customer loyalty. Atmosphere channels are shown to increase the likelihood of repeat bar visits by 19%.

Better Than Closed-Captioned News and Sports

People are at your bar to engage, have a good time, and relax. Sports are great for doing this. The problem with televising sports in your bar is that not all sports are of equal interest and interesting sports are not on all of the time.

Many bars fill in this downtime with television showing closed-captioned talking heads. This is a mistake. Close-captioned experts are anything but entertaining. They’re energy killers.

Atmosphere allows you to stream funny, engaging, endearing, and exciting TV channels in your bar. These channels don’t require volume if your patrons prefer music, and never require closed captioning. Atmosphere is perfect for sparking socialization among patrons and keeping the good times rolling – regardless of the time of day or sports season.

Replace commercial breaks with your promotions

Promote Your Specials with Atmosphere Ads

Grab your guests' attention with amazing TV content and then increase spending by mixing in your own marketing promotions. Our self-serve Atmosphere Ads platform is easy to use and provides you absolute control to target your customers. You can even change your specials and signage to show up at different times of day for different target audiences amidst your regular Atmosphere programming.

Upload or Create Your Own Graphics

Simply upload your video or image and schedule when and where you’d like them displayed. Design a whole series of specials and preprogram them to run at various times.

Atmosphere Ads Will Save You Money

Save money on print materials by switching to our free digital marketing promotions. Printed signage often gets damaged. It needs to be constantly updated. Worst of all – it’s often completely ignored by patrons busy socializing or staring at your TVs. The Atmosphere Ads platform saves you money, is extremely flexible, and is nearly impossible for customers to miss.

A digital signage promotion for a discount on burgers at a bar.