On Nom Stories

Meet Om Nom - the little green monster that adores candies! He’s every child’s best friend: cute, cheerful and very active. Follow his adventure trying to find his dream job and solve different puzzles on the way!

The perfect waiting from distraction for children

Taking kids to the doctor can be a daunting task for even the bravest parents. From tiny tears to giant tantrums, it’s easy for a simple appointment to turn into a nightmare. On Nom Stories are designed to keep the kiddos happy and busy by providing a fun-loving friend to join children on countless exciting adventures. Young patients and parents alike will enjoy a stress-free environment that keeps them coming back for more.

Let the Kids Party with Om Nom

Tired parents love night out, but at what cost? Nannies are expensive and most businesses don't have anything for the kids! Om Nom Stories let parents enjoy an outing with friends, while the kids party with their favorite furry playmate. That’s less money for the babysitter and more money in your business.

Endless entertainment awaits

Attention spans are short. Give people a reason to stick around.