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  • Reach people when they're on the go and making purchase decisions
  • National platform with hyper local targeting
  • Target audiences by their real world behavior
  • Premium placement at a fraction of the cost

Atmosphere Reaches The Unreachable

Highly engaged audience

Atmosphere is designed to connect brands to their customers by capturing audience attention

Scalable, flexible reach

Whether you want national reach or to target specific venues, Atmosphere's platform can reach your audience

Efficient and high impact

Sponsor major tentpole events locally or nationally at a fraction of the cost

35,000 venues and growing

Real engagements. Real Impressions. Real Impact.

Reach buyers when it counts

Atmosphere enables brands to reach their target audience when they are out of the home in a buying state of mind.

  • Designed to captivate audience's attention
  • Flexible targeting by national, DMA, and specific location buys
  • Same scale as Linear TV at a fraction of the cost

Find your ideal customer

Atmosphere reaches over 176MM+ people per month in over 35,000 locations with over 1 billion impressions delivered monthly. The ability to reach your target customer at scale has never been easier.

  • 100% Viewability
  • Reach consumers at the point of purchase
  • Usage analytics for accurate reporting



Monthly Impressions Served


Min Avg Dwell Time


Total Viewers Per Month


Ages 21-49

Impactful Ads

Animated Video

Our in-house team can turn static images into engaging creative that’s clear, concise, and easy to read.


Deliver your brand’s message/call-to-action with native and engaging Reskins next to our curated video content.

Standard Video Creative

Run existing creative with or without closed captions that our team can provide. Atmosphere’s content is audio optional.

Gamified Creative

Word Scramble

Challenge the intelligence of an entire restaurant word by word.

4 Card Monte

Giving an audience all of the fun with none of the con.

Spot The Difference

The truest form of ad engagement is by intense focus.

What business owners say...

“Business is great and I must say it’s very nice to have Atmosphere in our lobby. It has provided a simple and enjoyable distraction for our customers.”

“We’ve received many compliments with regard to our switch from Cox Business TV to Atmosphere TV. We’ve seen many smiles, laughs, and jaws drop while patrons enjoy a little diversion.”

“What a great concept! My customers love it, as do their kids. Keeps them entertained so we can conduct business without the kids interrupting. I even find times when I have to redirect the parents away from watching to conduct business.”

“The staff and customers really seem to like it, especially the Drone channels of travel destinations. It’s as close as people are getting to traveling in these weird times!”

Reach customers in the buying state of mind

  • Thousands of locations
  • Target 18-49 year-olds
  • 1B monthly impressions

Reach customers in the buying state of mind

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