Atmosphere is Redefining Business TV Controls

Unlike traditional cable or satellite TV offerings and their limitations, Atmosphere’s Customer Dashboard provides a centralized portal accessible from your phone or computer, wherever you are.

  • Schedule and monitor your business' entertainment to ensure a more curated guest experience.
  • Monetize your TV screens with Digital Signage customers actually notice.
  • Add & manage permissions so the right teams or employees have access to monitor devices & control content.

One Less Daily Task to Manage

Tired of Playing Catch-Up? With Scheduler, You're Always Ahead of the Game.

Pre-set custom or curated daily TV schedules to specific venues and devices for hands-free channel changing. Ditch the remote and let Scheduler be your newest employee for managing feel-good entertainment to keep your customers engaged throughout the day.

  • Custom Schedules for Dynamic Audiences: Your hours of operation don't change, but your guest profile does. Adapt your entertainment to meet the evolving needs of your guests, ensuring your TV screens are aligned to your audiences.
  • Targeted Device Management: Scheduler's targeted device management capability enables precise content delivery to specific devices or venues, ensuring efficient and effective management across different locations.

Drive Revenue with Digital Signage

Deploy marketing campaigns with scheduling, tagging and control at scale.

  • Run free, in-venue ads on the TVs in your network that play in-between content segments when all eyes are on the screen.
  • Decide when and where you want your ad to play. The date, time and venue are customizable.
  • Easily upload and manage your promotions, or use one of our easy-to-edit templates.

Customer Testimonials

"The streamlined online interface to manage screens in the store is fantastic. I can be in my office or in a remote location. To quickly update and manage my ads running in-store."

"Marketing for business TVs, easy remote management panel to access all venues from one place."

"I get to control the type of content shown on the TVs in our stores AND show our commercials. How cool is that?!?"

"As a brand, we strive to create and maintain a certain atmosphere of fun and relaxation at our resort. Having Atmosphere is a wonderful added bonus for our guests. Many drop by the beach side bar to grab a quick drink, but are drawn in to the channels and end up staying for a couple more rounds and some food."

Take Control of the Screens at Your Business