Zone Fitness

The gym intimidates. Newbies are easily overwhelmed, struggling to navigate around equipment, and often cancel membership before finishing their first burpee.

Zone Fitness alleviates the intimidation factor for those new to working out and sparks fresh inspiration for long-time fitness fanatics. From educational content to inspirational videos, Zone Fitness is the ultimate tool for gym owners and members alike.

Don't Sweat It, We've Got You Covered

Zone Fitness empowers members to take control of their sweat sesh with fitness content focused on muscle mechanics, health science, routine optimization, and workout inspiration. No matter their level of fitness, this is the motivation guests need to keep pushing limits.

Let Your Screens Do The Lifting

Zone Fitness creates a shift in member mentality to pursue a healthy, goal-driven lifestyle. Our holistic content inspires gym-goers to take their fitness journey to the next level and lets you upsell your supplements and services on their way out.

Pump Up the Promos

Zone Fitness grabs attention as it showcases the lifestyle members are working to embody. With our custom digital signage tool, highlight your PT offerings, products, and classes on TVs across the gym.

Endless entertainment awaits

Attention spans are short. Give people a reason to stick around.