Atmosphere's channel library.

Entertaining TV for your Passengers

Atmosphere provides engaging, audio-optional content for a better passenger experience. From news to sports, to viral hits and funny clips, Atmosphere has a channel for every traveler.

How Atmosphere Can Help your Airport

* Reduce cost

* Improve travelers' mood with content that is always upbeat, never political, and never polarizing

* Decrease perceived wait time with family friendly, relaxing content

* Utilize Atmosphere's digital signage tool to highlight employment opportunities, advertise airport experiences, and promote concessions.

Emergency Management Feature

In the event of an airport emergency, Atmosphere has created the exclusive channel designed for airports to alert their flyers.

Atmosphere News - An unbiased alternative to traditional providers

Atmosphere News is the world’s first audio-optional news channel, developed to keep businesses and their customers informed of the latest news from around the world.

With a text-and-video style that’s easy to watch and read, the channel delivers clear headlines, eye-catching visuals, and key takeaways that keep every traveler informed.

Business owners and customers want a TV channel with unbiased, non-political news. With Atmosphere, you receive a quality news presentation that leaves the days of provocative TV news behind.

A screenshot from Atmosphere News showing NCAA baseball.

Use Digital Signage to inform your travelers

Atmosphere's Digital Signage software allows you to control 30 seconds of screen-time every 5-7 minutes that content plays. Highlight employment opportunities, upcoming airport experiences, and concession stands. Promote exclusive airline clubs and lounges. Even provide flight updates and gate changes. This is the ideal medium to communicate with your travelers.

Manage your content remotely in the Atmosphere Dashboard

Atmosphere's channel manager takes remote control to the next level. Whether you oversee a handful of screens or a thousand, operators now have the power to control Atmosphere from anywhere.