A fresh new TV option for your travelers

Atmosphere’s suite of original ambient TV channels can be enjoyed with or without audio. We have a channel for every mood and age - and all content is family friendly.

Improve your airport's business in meaningful ways

* Reduce perceived wait time with family friendly, relaxing content

* Improve travelers' mood with content that is always upbeat, never political, and never polarizing

* Reduce cost

* Drive revenue/attention for concessionaires or make announcements with custom messaging on Atmosphere Ads

Airports are loud. Why add to the stressful cacophony?

Noise reduction in airports will help your flyers stay calm and hear important announcements. Reducing background blather also allows travelers to enjoy their own audio entertainment – i.e., podcasts, streaming music, and audiobooks.

You can reduce background noise in your airport or FBO with Atmosphere's suite of original ambient TV channels. These entertaining TV channels can be enjoyed with or without audio and are free to broadcast on as many screens as you like.

We have a channel for every mood and age - and all of our content is family-friendly.

Atmosphere News - The perfect replacement for CNN Airport

Atmosphere News is the world’s first audio-optional news channel, developed to keep businesses and their customers informed of the latest news from around the world.

With a text-and-video style that’s easy to watch and read, we’re committed to delivering clear headlines, useful visuals, and key takeaways, no matter how busy the environment.

Business owners and customers want a TV channel with straightforward news. With Atmosphere News, you receive a quality news presentation that leaves the days of provocative TV news behind.

Use Atmosphere Ads in-airport to inform your travelers

Grab your guests' attention with amazing content, then mix in your own marketing promotions.

Our free, self-serve Atmosphere Ads platform allows you to upload and air custom messages between every 3 minutes of Atmosphere content. Sell these advertising goldmines to concessionaires to boost airport revenue.

Digital Advertising in Airports Will Save You Money

Save money on print materials and other signage options by switching to Atmosphere Ads.

Printed signage costs money. It takes time to design. Worse, it quickly goes out of date. It often requires the hiring of a third-party vendor.

Atmosphere Ads offers you free digital promotions that can be uploaded updated and played in minutes.

Broadcast and promote anything instantly on your screens, including:

Flight updates

Boarding calls

Public safety announcements

TSA lost items