The Bob Ross Channel

Happy trees are waiting in The Bob Ross Channel. Follow along and be mesmerized by landscapes come to life. Like Bob Ross always said, "You can do it."

Your chance to see the happiest trees around

Turn your waiting room into a relaxing painter's paradise

The Bob Ross Channel brings life to your business

Art, conversation, and gorgeous landscapes your customers will love

• Increases new business by 14%

• Increases repeat business by 19%

• Decreases perceived dwell time

• Increases overall vibe by 100%

How The Bob Ross Channel impacts businesses

"What I like about it is it grabs customers attention when in my store. They stay longer and it gives us something to talk about with the customer. I love that it keeps people smiling and that they always look right up at the TV when they walk into the store." - Retail Manager

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Inform your customers about:

• Limited Time Offer's

• New products

• Company deals

• Rewards programs

Endless entertainment awaits

Attention spans are short. Give people a reason to stick around.