June 5, 2023

Get Into the Swing of Summer: A Golf Guide for Bars and Country Clubs

Two men sitting at a bar watching the PGA TOUR channel on Atmosphere TV

Summer is the perfect time for golfing, and what better way to get your bar customers into the swing of things than with some golf-themed specials and promotions? Whether you're looking to encourage guests to visit during key tournaments or promote golf-themed specials to increase revenue, there are plenty of ways to keep guests entertained and interacting.

Celebrate Summer with Major Championships

If you're looking to attract golf enthusiasts to your establishment, then June and July are the perfect months to do so. With the US Open taking place on June 12-18 at the Los Angeles Country Club, followed by the Open Championship on July 17-23 at the Royal Liverpool, golf fans will be eager to watch these major tournaments.

Atmosphere Offers PGA TOUR Channel.

One of the best ways to create an immersive and enjoyable setting for golf enthusiasts is by utilizing Atmosphere's PGA TOUR Channel. This channel provides curated content designed to create a fun environment that draws customers in and promotes engagement amongst your guests.

The PGA TOUR Channel provides past coverage of PGA TOUR events, featuring the best moments from major golf tournaments.

By showcasing videos and recaps from these channels, you can create a unique and exciting atmosphere for golf enthusiasts, making their experience at your establishment more enjoyable. And with Atmosphere's free streaming TV service, it's easy to integrate this content into your TVs without any hassle.

Three men sitting at a bar excited about the drink specials on Atmosphere TV

AtmosphereAds: TV Promotions to Drive Revenue

With AtmosphereAds, you can run your own golf-related promotions on the TVs inside your business for free and with ease. This means you can create custom ads that promote your specials, discounts, or events while providing an immersive experience for your customers.

Here are a few tips and ideas on how to promote your establishment and increase revenue with these Golf channels to make the most of the opportunities they present:

  1. Utilize your TVs to promote and increase attendance during majors and other tournaments.
  2. Feature golf-themed drink and food specials.
  3. Keep customers happy with golf-specific channels and videos.

When celebrating major events, create a festive atmosphere that golf enthusiasts can appreciate. Serve up signature drinks with golf-themed names like “Hole in One” and “Par-tee Time” to get your customers into the spirit. Offer special discounts on bar golf-themed apparel and equipment.

Two people watching Atmosphere TV at a bar engaging with an on-screen promotion.

Entertainment Evolved

Bars and country clubs can use the power of Atmosphere to enhance their customers' golf experience. Keep them entertained with a mix of tournament highlights, recaps, and iconic moments with the PGA TOUR Channel. Additionally, businesses have access to Digital Signage, which enables them to create custom ads that promote specials, discounts or events while providing an immersive environment for their guests.

By combining these features together, you'll be able to provide a unique setting that will help draw in more customers and increase revenue during key golfing season months. So don't hold back when it comes to getting your establishment into the swing of summer!

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