October 4, 2023

The Silent Revolution: How TV is Adapting to the Business World

Let's face it, most TV shows aren't made for a business environment. They're intended for home viewing, where viewers can hear the dialogue and immerse themselves in the storyline.

As a result, it's often challenging to find content to play that your customers will enjoy watching. In many cases, your only options are sports shows on mute or divisive political coverage with subtitles. Either way, you lose. Because, when there's not a live game on, traditional TV just doesn't have much to offer your business.

Atmosphere is Breaking the Sound Barrier

But what if we told you that the TV industry has been undergoing a silent revolution?

Customers and guests love the viral-style videos on their phones that can be enjoyed with the sound down or off. That’s why Atmosphere is leading the changing business world and catering to your customers’ evolving wants and needs.

The emergence and impact of audio-optional videos has revealed a new way for businesses to entertain their customers. One where owners and operators can use innovative trends to keep customers happy and boost their bottom line.

Amuse Guests Like Social Media

Atmosphere’s short-form viral-style videos are well-suited to a noisy bar or restaurant environment and can be displayed without sound in public spaces. At the same time, they do not require the full attention of guests for a storyline-driven program, meaning customers can enjoy them at their leisure, as they are more likely to do in a business setting.

Our programming is fun, entertaining, and authentically voiced to help promote conversation among your guests.

Businesses are Taking Notice

Atmosphere has transformed TV screens in over 60,000 public venues across the US and globally, to create an exciting, new opportunity for entertainment and marketing. By introducing more engaging and relevant content, as well as expanding marketing options with Digital Signage, Atmosphere is bringing a fresh and exciting experience to these often overlooked spaces.