April 28, 2020

Selling From Home: The New Normal

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Making the most by “working from home.” How to pivot your strategy and earn more money.

It’s hard to find anyone the COVID-19 Pandemic hasn’t impacted. The first and most important strategy should be protecting you and your loved ones while staying safe and healthy.

If you’re one of the millions impacted by job loss or salary cuts, it’s hard to think about anything else than getting back to work. To help with that, Atmosphere opened up a commission plan to anyone that wants an opportunity to sell a product that right now is helping businesses get through these tough times.

Our Ambassador Program pays you $150 per business you help sign-up for Atmosphere. The better news; you can sell right from your computer without leaving your home. Along with the effective marketing materials we provide, we wanted to share just how easy it can be to become successful selling from home.

Selling Atmosphere

The good news? Atmosphere has a product businesses want and has a free option for life. During this time, many businesses are looking for any opportunity to cut costs wherever they can. What we provide at Atmosphere is a free service built to keep customers engaged. Businesses save on average $160/m from cutting cable and switching to Atmosphere. Below are a few bullet points to help you succeed from anywhere you are.

  • Build a personal cadence: What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you more comfortable over the phone? Or via email? Both are valuable options and both can be just as effective with the great value props we have here.
  • Sell to the right business: Atmosphere is built for every business and every mood. What businesses are in need to engage customers and help improve their mood? Doctor offices, restaurants/bars looking to keep customers longer, auto repair shops, salons and barbershops.
  • Begin reach out: A simple phone call goes a long way. During this time, businesses are gathering what they need to cut costs and begin reopening. Calling with a free product is bound to get their attention.
  • Identify business concerns: Right now, the last thing on a business owner’s mind is what’s playing on their TV. They have loss of employees, clients, services, etc. Be sympathetic and know that our free service is created to help businesses succeed. If they want to save money, our service is perfect for them.
  • Use social media: Right now, businesses are closed but their social platforms are not. If social is your name, selling on your platforms is your game. Our approved assets, including videos, graphics and GIFs are right at your fingertips. Pinpoint the businesses you believe need Atmosphere and begin social reach out.
  • Believe in yourself: In hard times, the strength of the people is never in question. It is easy to say ‘Never Give Up’ but it’s never truer than right now. Stay positive, stay grinding, stay persistent and results will come. All of the tools are at your disposal and the amazing team at Atmosphere is here to help you.

Our goal at Atmosphere has always been to help businesses, but during this time, we also want to help you. You have the power to make as much money as you want and our job is to help you get there.

Stay strong, stay healthy, and close some deals!