May 18, 2023

Get Fit and Have Fun: How Atmosphere is Making Gym Time More Enjoyable

Free audio-optional channels and videos for gyms and fitness centers. Streaming TV just for businesses.

Channels and Videos Designed for Gyms and Fitness Centers

We’ve all been there, eyes glued to the same boring TV channels while sweating it out on the treadmill. Are your guests sick of watching closed-captioned sports and news highlights? Do you and your gym managers hate having to pick what channels to watch when there are no live sports?

Atmosphere is your answer. With a variety of audio-optional channels and short-form videos, your members will be entertained and your staff will have one less thing to worry about.

Pump up your guests with tips and tricks on the Wellness Channel, laugh with ChiveTV, get golf tournament recaps and highlights with PGA Tour, celebrate amazing with Superhuman, or bring sports back to the center with Atmosphere Sports.

Three men running on treadmills watching Atmosphere sport on Atmosphere TV

Digital Signage: Run Custom Promos on Your TVs

Digital Signage lets you run custom promotions on the TVs in your gym or fitness center, for free! The ads run at every break between the content of your choice, allowing your promos to capture your members attention since eyes are already on your screens. Highlight your gym’s monthly specials, new members, upcoming events or workout encouragement from your staff. Not only will it add a professional touch, but it will keep your gym top of mind when members head out for their next workout.

Atmosphere's Digital Signage is a revenue-driving marketing tool that helps businesses quickly and easily display promotional messages to drive customer action - taking your marketing efforts to the next level. This powerful tool also offers top-level customization through predesigned templates that are based on specific themes, as well as the option to upload your own creatives. Generating eye-catching ads for your business has never been easier.

A man receiving physical therapy watching Chive TV to enhance their experience

Taking the Gym Experience to the Next Level

The gym is no longer just a place to get fit, it’s an experience. With Atmosphere, gym-goers can have fun while getting healthy. From customized branding to socializing to endless entertainment, it’s a game-changer. Break the monotony of the gym by giving Atmosphere a try, and watch as members come back for more and refer their friends.

Not a customer? Get Atmosphere for your business today. Otherwise, head to the dashboard to create your first promo.