Small Business is Our Business

On November 25th, we're celebrating Small Business Saturday by highlighting our customer network – the visionaries, the achievers, and the daring individuals who fearlessly take risks – and encouraging communities to eat, drink, and sweat local.

Downshift Brewery

Ruidoso, NM

At DownShift Brewery, their mission is to focus on what makes life great as we strive to stay true to it in everything they do. They pour beers in the taprooms, serve food to, and make coffees for their regulars, neighbors, and families.

Burger 25

Toms River, NJ

Burger 25 is a family born for creativity, whipping up new monthly recipes for their burgers and milkshakes. You’ll walk in the doors with a smile on after a warm greeting from the staff and vibrant atmosphere! They also sell merch that supports their local community.

Madtown Fitness

Madras, OR

Madtown Fitness is an anchor in its small town community. Their priorities are to put their members first and help push people beyond their limits. Transforming more than the health of their members, their commitment to the community is unparalleled, donating to local efforts and giving back to their schools.

Mission Burger Co.

Austin, TX

At Mission Burger, their level of expertise shows in every detail of their food, from the choice of bun all the way to the type of pickle used to make the secret Mission sauce. After years of being in the kitchen, they’ve learned how choosing higher quality ingredients can transform the customer experience and really set them apart.

Living the Dream

Littleton, CO

Living the dream is all about the community in Colorado. The taproom is a friendly hangout where they get to know everyone's name and make sure you have a great time. Their pride is in brewing beers that are tasty, interesting, and made right, without cutting corners. It's all about bringing people together over quality beers and company!


Spring Valley, CA

CaliBBQ, located in the heart of San Diego, is a cherished family-run restaurant renowned for its exceptional BBQ and warm, welcoming atmosphere. Cali BBQ offers a menu loaded with specialties like ribs, tri-tip, rib tips, chicken, pulled pork. And if you are getting a big group together, you have the option of the Tailgater BBQ Feast packed with enough meat to feed four to five guests!

Coa Cantina

Breckenridge, CO

Coa Cantina is a Mexican bar and restaurant that focuses on putting a Coloradan twist on Mexican cuisine. They pay close attention to what bottles are on the back bar, focusing on small, additive free, Mexican owned brands. It’s a special place for the locals.

The Lantern

Naperville, IL

The Lantern is a downtown staple serving the community of Naperville for over 55 years! Its welcoming atmosphere, delicious menu, and affordability are unmatched with the rapidly changing downtown environment and offers something for everyone.

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