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Atmosphere News is the world’s first audio-optional news channel, developed to keep businesses and their customers informed of the latest news from around the world.

Atmosphere News lowers the temperature of polarizing, hyperbolic news presentations by returning to the basics of calm, fact-based headline reporting.

With a text-and-video style that’s easy to watch and read, we’re committed to delivering clear headlines, useful visuals, and key takeaways, no matter how busy the environment.

Business owners and customers want a TV channel with straightforward news. With Atmosphere News, you receive a quality news presentation that leaves the days of provocative TV news behind.

A city skyline with a sunset and the Atmosphere News logo.

Who we are

Atmosphere News is one of 40+ channels on Atmosphere, a streaming service designed exclusively for businesses.

Co-founded by Leo and John Resig, Atmosphere News is produced from our newsroom in downtown Austin, Texas, by a team of producers and editors.

Atmosphere began as part of Chive Media Group and is funded by Valor Equity Partners.

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