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What is atmosphere

Atmosphere is the leading streaming TV service for businesses offering free, audio-optional TV


60 channels of audio-optional TV made for enjoying everywhere

Mood enhancing

Programming that inspires, excites, informs, motivates, and amuses your customers

Free for life

Cut the cord and break away from expensive cable costs with FREE channels on an Atmosphere-provided device

Increase Sales

Customers are more likely to return to your business compared to businesses without Atmosphere.
Unlike cable, Atmosphere's exciting, audio-optional programming is designed to keep your clientele off their phones and engaged with your business.





Establish a vibe

Take control of your business's entertainment with a consistently fresh playlist of highly curated video content

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Atmosphere is Everywhere

30,000 venues. 20 countries. And counting.

For any setting

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Just watch this short video (just over a minute long) for instructions on how to install the device. Installation takes about 2 minutes - plug in the device, turn it on, enter your wifi information, and the device does everything from there.

Atmosphere provides amazing content for free in exchange to run advertising within programming. Cable TV also runs commercials within the programming, but you pay for cable.

Digital Signage is a very powerful tool that allows you to add your own promotions to our commercial breaks. You can use it to promote specials, upcoming events, announcements, etc.

By using our Digital Signage, you can communicate with your customers instantly and cut down on print costs. Win win!

The device's remote is made by Apple, so your best bet is to check out their instructions located here:

No. We provide you with a free streaming device that we ship directly to you. Using our device allows us to deliver optimal performance and provide our top notch technical support. Our devices also use less bandwidth, so they cut down on your costs.

Endless entertainment awaits

Attention spans are short. Give people a reason to stick around.