Stream direct to the TVs in your salon

Enhance the vibe

Your customers have lots of choices when it comes to getting their nails or hair done. Aside from your core salon services, it’s time heighten their visit

Audioless TV entertainment

Having the audio on TV is distracting and closed captions are annoying. Happy TV was made for audio-less viewing so you can play your music in the background. No closed captions!!

Replace commercial breaks with your promotions

Promote your salon’s specials with content

Grab your guests’ attention with amazing content then mix in your own marketing promotions. Our Atmosphere Ads platform allows you to air custom messages between Atmosphere content.

Upload or create your own graphics

Simply upload your video or image files and schedule when and where you’d like them displayed.

Software that anyone can learn and use

The Atmosphere Ads platform is easy! Upload and play custom messaging in minutes.