What is Atmosphere?

Atmosphere is the world's leading streaming TV service designed for businesses. Choose from over 50 channels of audio-optional video content, refreshed regularly, to entertain your customers while they wait for service.

Whether you’re an auto repair and maintenance shop, car wash, or dealership, Atmosphere is the only entertainment solution designed to help grow your business.

Try Atmosphere for free

Stop paying for cable or satellite programming that doesn’t add value to your business. With Atmosphere, business owners get full control over what’s playing on their TVs, from the entertainment to the commercial breaks — all for free.

Elevate your space

Engage with customers in a whole new way

Stream curated content directly to your existing TVs, then mix in your own promotions to communicate directly with customers while they’re already watching.

Designed to watch in businesses

Our programming is family-friendly and never relies on audio or closed-captions. Customize what’s playing on your TVs at any time with content guaranteed to make customers smile.

Happier customers lead to better business

Atmosphere is proven to reduce perceived wait time and improve moods. Our channels are designed for a variety of interests to entertain every customer.

Play a channel for every mood


Choose from over 50 themed channels designed to make customers happy, like America's Home Videos TV, Drone TV, Happy TV, Red Bull TV, Throttle TV, X Games TV, and more.


Capture customers’ interests with unique channels like Atmosphere News, Companion TV, Digital Trends, Superhuman TV, The Bob Ross Channel, World Poker Tour, and more.


Help customers unwind with Atmosphere’s visually calming channels, including Beach Bum TV, Deep Sky TV, Escape TV, Oddly Satisfying TV, and more.

Drive sales with Atmosphere Ads

Display custom promotions

Take back control of commercial breaks by running your own marketing in between Atmosphere’s content. Atmosphere Ads lets businesses display custom promotions in front of an engaged audience.

It's easy to use

Simply upload your video or image files and schedule when and where you’d like them displayed.

Brand channels with your company logo

Atmosphere lets you label video content with your business’ logos and colors. Please contact one of our Enterprise sellers (sales@atmosphere.tv) to discuss branding options.