May 29, 2020

Improving the customer experience and your ROI with Digital Signage

If your business is already entertaining your customers with a TV, you can easily capitalize on this engagement by using digital signage. Here’s how you can increase your ROI on revenue while simultaneously enhancing the customer experience:

Using digital signage versus print makes sure your business is building a technology-forward brand: It gives you the power to build your brand and inform your customers while saving you money, time, and stress compared to traditional print materials.

Digital signage is becoming more readily available and can be found in many different types of establishments, including but not limited to:

  • Gyms: Screens throughout the facility can be used to promote upcoming classes, seasonal rate specials, and even motivational expressions for your members.
  • Hotels: Digital signage can be used to increase room service sales, showcase nearby attractions, and even encourage guests to leave reviews about their experience.
  • Offices: Businesses of all sizes can use digital signage to maintain internal communications and also cross-promote related businesses and brands.
  • Restaurants: Keep your guests informed by sharing daily specials, happy hours, and seasonal events.

A few advantages digital signage has over traditional print signage include:

  • Increasing ROI on revenue: Studies show for each dollar spent on OOH advertising (incl. digital signage) an average of $5.97 is generated in product sales.
  • Enhancing the customer/guest experience: Digital signage makes it possible for customers/guests to focus on the features which matter to them personally and ignore what they find irrelevant allowing for quicker buying decisions.
  • Easy to update: Signage can be updated at any time, and anywhere with new content and changes appearing instantly.
  • Make your employees’ jobs easier: Using digital signage can provide quicker answers and solutions to customers/guest’s frequently asked questions and with more efficiency than a typical employee

All you need to set up digital signage is a TV that is HDMI compatible and a digital signage player that is formatted with display software.

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