May 20, 2020

How Businesses Can Get Back On Top: A Guide to State’s Reopening

The lights are turning on. The chairs are being flipped upright. The kegs are being tapped. Businesses are reopening their doors. Welcome back!

After months of unprecedented lock-downs, many states have begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The list of states easing restrictions is growing by the week, bringing a sigh of relief to those clinging to any sign of return to normalcy.

But much of the impact has already been felt. Many businesses are looking for any cost saving strategy they can find; from limiting menus to cutting back on employees. As we all try to find our footing during this pandemic, what are some tactics businesses can do right now to save money? We break down how with Atmosphere’s free service, businesses can cut costs in more ways than one.

Cut The Cord

It’s not a secret, people everywhere are looking for any way to save money during this time. One of the first things to go? Cable. The cord cutting trend has been seeing a steady uptick for years. Households cutting cable can save on average $1200 a year. For businesses, it could be double that. “When restaurants and bars begin to reopen, cutting the cord is the easiest way to offset lost revenue and reduce operating costs while also meeting the demands of their customers.” said David Wiesenfeld, chief strategist at Tru Optik.

  • Solution: Atmosphere offers a free streaming service for businesses. 22 channels including Red Bull TV, World Poker Tour, CHIVE TV and more are built to engage your customers and keep them spending.

Save on Promotion

There are not a lot of cheap options out there to promote your business. Advertising deals, selling certain special, these are tactics businesses use to see return. With ad spending screeching to an almost complete stop, how can businesses reach their customers?

  • Solution: With Atmosphere, instantly reach your customers with Digital Signage. With our Business Pro account, businesses can create and run their own custom promotion within Atmosphere’s content. With this plan, only $50/m, businesses have seen an increase of new business, repeat business and overall sales.

Keep a Sports Option

Sports are cancelled for the foreseeable future. MLB, NBA, even the NFL and college football are at risk of being postponed. Why keep losing money and paying for cable that will only show talking heads and closed captions? People are itching to get out, get back to normal and enjoy a drink or dinner out. Keeping them engaged will only help them spend more.

  • Solution: Atmosphere has the addicting, engaging sports channels built to keep customers spending. Red Bull TV, World Poker Tour, Alpine TV, Beach Bum TV, Bogey TV and more bring businesses a FREE sports option to help scratch their customers itch. No talking heads, no closed captions, no costs.

Set It and Forget It

How much time is wasted searching for something your customers would like to watch? Time away from doing work that could bring in sales. Time wasted flipping through channels, worrying about one customer when the solution engages everyone.

  • Solution: Choose up to 5 of Atmosphere’s engaging, family-friendly channels and choose how long you’d like them to cycle through and play. Now you don’t have to sit and search what you want to watch. Simply pick your favorites and let the loop entertain your customers.

The past few months has shown the resiliency of who we are and the return to normalcy is just around the corner. Come back safer, come back stronger, come back with Atmosphere and save money.