May 28, 2020

Atmosphere Receives New Investment. Teams up with Valor Equity Partners

New partner. Same mission. Atmosphere is proud to welcome aboard Valor Equity Partners to our streaming family. Valor joins S3 Ventures and our shared goal to help businesses thrive and become even more successful.

About Valor Equity Partners

Valor’s mission is to become the world’s leading innovation engine and market maker in early-stage food, food technology, and retail technology investing. Their mission and our streaming platform built specifically for businesses made this partnership a no-brainer. Businesses are searching for ways to differentiate themselves and better engage their customers. Atmosphere is the only streaming multi-channel platform that is free and licensed for commercial venue usage.

What does this Investment Mean?

The additional funding allows Atmosphere to grow its customer base and add more free channels to entertain the masses, out-of-home. With our 21 engaging channels, including Red Bull TV, AFV TV, X-Games TV and more, our family-friendly content is playing on average 135k hours per day across 8,000 plus venues.

“TV programming for businesses is broken and expensive,” said Leo Resig, Co-founder and CEO of Atmosphere. “We are boldly defining the streaming TV-for-business category. By designing streaming content and features focused on retail businesses, Atmosphere is meeting the needs of two underserved markets: businesses looking for free, audio-optional TV programming, and advertisers that have never been able to effectively buy television media to reach a targeted out-of-home audience.”

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